Be My Guest is a leading China-based social networking platform for Chinese and international elites. It exists solely to promote and foster the appreciation of arts, culture and socializing through exclusive private events and seeks to provide spheres of worldwide communication. Dr. Ya-Qin Zhang, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Ms. Chen Luyu of Phoenix TV and Mr. Hugo Shong, Founding General Partner of IDG Capital Partners serve as Honorary Directors. Be My Guest was founded by Mr. Jack Pan.

Among our more recent events, The BMG Poetry Recital in London (2012) and the One Flower, One Leaf Tai Chi Banquet (2013) in July, poetry was celebrated and relished. Poetry still evokes audience, however, contemporary society lacks the opportunity for people to bring poetry into their lives.

The appreciation for poetry at BMG events highlighted a key component missing in today’s society. Poetry can capture and ignite the spirit and identity of an individual or group.

What China needed was a leader to promote and distribute poetry. Harnessing the collective power of Be My Guest’s extensive network, The Poem For You was born, a project dedicated to the art and vitality of poetry.


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