On the night of Jan.11th 2014, Be My Guest hosted their 2014 New Year Poetry Gathering. The inspiration of the banquet came from the quote of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, “Let us be calm and simple, like the streams and trees”. The guests who attended the event included affiliates of The Poem For You: Mr. Lv Siqing, Violinst; Mr. Neil Shen, Founder and Managing Partner of Sequoia China; Mr. Peng Xuefeng, Chairman and Founder of Dacheng Law Offices and Standing Committee Member of CPPCC; Mr. Hugo Shong, Founding General Partner, IDG Capital Partners; Mr. Zhang Yanping, President of Beijing Youth Daily.

Many recitalists who previously participated in the daily poetry releases were also present at the event: Ms. Zhai Yongming, poet; Ms. Zhang Lan, President of South Beauty; Mr. Zhang Xingsheng, TNC Northeast Asia and Greater China Director; Mr. Handel Lee, Senior Partner of King & Wood Mallesons; Ms. Chang Jing, Guzheng Soloist; Mr. Liu Jing, Actor; Ms. Kelly Cha, Bi-lingual host and Sing-songwriter; Mr. Liu Fangfei, Host of CCTV; Mr. Ren Luyu; Ms. Wen Yan, Host of BJTV; Ms. Nie Yijin, etc. The host of the event was Ms. Wang Liang, host at CCTV and guest recitalist of The Poem For You.


Mr. Ren Luyu, Host at CCTV, recites Wating For You In The Rain by Yu Guangzhong


Ms. Chang Jing, Pipa Soloist and Mr. Peng Xuefeng, The Poem For You’s affiliate and Chairman and Founder of Dacheng Law Offices, collaborate Ruan Gui Lang. 

Ms. Liu Fangfei, Host at CCTV, recites poet Ms. Zhai Yongming’s piece Zai Gu Dai


Mr. Ren Zhi Hong, Host at CCTV and Ms. Ma Lin, pipa soloist, collaborate A Lane in the Rain by Dai Wang Shu


Mr. Qin Wanming, musician and guitar artist, performs Goodbye Taipei by Zhang Jin Li 


Ms. Kelly Cha, Bi-lingual host and Sing-songwriter, performs an improvisation of Perhaps Love by American singer John Denver 


Mr. Fang Ming, Boardcasting Artist of China National Radio, recites View With a Grain of Sand by Polish poet Wis?awa Szymborska.

Strategic Partner: Manet Club