BEIJING November 10th 2013— The Poem For You, Be My Guest and Reignwood invited 260 guests to contribute to a poetry recital like none other. The Poem For You’s Beijing International Poetry Night marked the first official event of “The Poem For You” project with various activities.

Guests that attended the event include: Mr. Robin Li, CEO of Baidu Company; Mr. Yang Yuanqing, Board Chairman of Lenovo; Mr. Neil Shen, Founder and managing partner of Sequoia China Fund; Mr. Jiang Kun, Crosstalk Performer; Mr. Lv Siqing, Violinist; Mr. Liu Jiang, Chairman of Trends Media Group; Mr. Peng Xuefeng, Chairman and Founder of Dacheng Law Offices and Standing Committee Member of CPPCC; Mr. Jack Pan, founder of Be My Guest and The Poem For You; H.E. Mr. Tadeusz Chomicki, Ambassador of Poland to China; Mr. Jiang Xiaoyu, Vice Director of Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports; Dr. Levin Zhu, President of CICC; Mr. Zhang Heping, Curator of Beijing People’s Art Theatre; Mr. Feng Xiaogang, Director; Pianist Mr. Yundi Li; Actor Mr. Xia Yu; Host Mr. Chen Duo; Ms. Liu Fangfei; Recital Artist Mr. Xu Tao; Guqin Master Mr. Li Xiangting; Dr. Yi Wang, Curator of Times Art Museum, etc.

Mr. Jiang Kun and Mr. Jack Pan performing Crosstalk

Dr. Chanchai,Chairman of Reignwood Group, opened the concert with “I Ask for Silence” by Pablo Neruda

Mr. Miao Hongbing, president of White Collar, and Ballerina Ms. Sisi Qiu, collaborated the poetry piece “She Walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron

Performer, Mr. Xu Tao recited the poem “Love Letter”

Guqin Master Mr. Li Xiangting, Flute performer Ms. Zhang Zhongzhong and the audience collaborated an improvisation of “Plum Blossoms”

Ms. Liu Fangfei, host at CCTV, recited “Slow Me Down, Lord” by Wilferd Arlan Peterson

Mr. Robin Li, CEO of Baidu Company, and Violinist Mr. Lv Siqing, collaborating in “These Things Shall Never Die” by Charles Dickinson.

Pipa soloist Ms. Zhao Cong and musician Mr. Qin Wanming improvised music, alongside a video clip displaying The Poem For You’s audience feedback on social media

Mr. Chen Duo, host of CCTV, recited “Ezrivel terem a fán a meggy” by Hungarian poet Petőfi Sándor

Miss Li Anran, the youngest contributor to The Poem For You, at eight years old, incanted an original piece titled “The Love of My Father and  Mother”. She collaborated her poem with Soprano Ms. Wawa Ke and Harpist Ms. Zhang Xiaoyin

The concert concluded with the last surprise, Mr. Zhang Nan, host of Beijing Communication Radio, leading a group performance with recitalists surfacing among the audience

Guests left the theatre wondering why poetry disappeared from mainstream society when it is undeniably, a delightful method to express deep emotions and thoughts. It seems the opportunity to exercise the inner voice gets lost somewhere between popular art and the uninspiring cycles in city lifestyle.

Special thanks to our artists: Harpist Ms. Zhang Xiaoyin; Flute Performer Ms. Zhang Zhongzhong, Cellist Mr. Yang Meng; Soprano Ms. Wawa Ke and Pianist Ms. Li Yue.