On the night of October 13th 2013, The Poem For You’s poetry fans and recitalists  joined in the celebration of Western Returned Scholars Association’s 100th anniversary. The group of recitalists performed poet Xu Zhimo’s best-known piece Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again.


Performers included professionals of various backgrounds; among them there were investors, hotel managers, a dean of law school, entrepreneurs, civil servants, media representatives and an artist.


Pipa soloist: Ms. Ma Lin

Ballerina: Ms. Sisi Qiu

Soprano: Ms. Wang Wei

Lead Recitalist: Mr. Liu Yisheng (Art Manager), Mr. Hu Jiafang (Supervisory Committee of Vantone Holdings Co., Ltd), Ms. Zou Bin, Ms. Wang Liang (Host at CCTV)

Co-recitalists: Mr. Li Changhong, Ms. Li Li, Mr. Gao Xiang, Ms. Gong Hangyu, Mr. Teng Weilin, Mr. Tu Zhiyun, Mr. Wang Jianguo, Ms. Wang Lin, Mr. Yang Xiaodong, Ms. Yang Xiaolei, Ms. Zhang Jin

Conductor: Mr. Zhu Weidong (Host of CNR The Sounds of China)

The Poem For You is looking forward to organizing more poetry troupes to unite communities and poetry lovers.