On the night of December 28th, 2013, The Poem For You’s fans joined the China Federation of Literary and Art Circle in the opening ceremony of the Zhaoxia Foundation and performed Lin Huiyin’s most-celebrated piece You Are the Days of April. The event was hosted by Ms. Ju Pin, host of CCTV and many guests, including Mr. Jiang Zhenghua, Standing Committee of the NationaI People’s Congress; Mr. Hu Zhenming, Board of Director of China Literature and Art Foundation; Mr. Zuozhongyi, Executive Committee of China Literature and Art Foundation and Mr. Tang Bing, CEO of Yeepay attended the event.



To diversify to the piece, Ms. Zhang Zhuo, saprono of China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre collaborated with Mr. Wang Guangming, president of China Zhongzheng.


Ms. Zhang Zhuo, Soprano at The China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre



Mr. Wang Guangming, President of China Zhongzheng

Lead Recitalists: Ms. Zhang Zuo, Ms. Wang Yiming, Mr. Jian Qin, Ms. Sha Xiaoru; Ms. Du Cailin and Mr. Wang Guangming

Co-recitalists: Mr. Mu Qin, Ms. Liu Li, Mr. Wang Yue, Mr. Liu Bing and Ms. Wang Xiaoyu



Mr. Qin Jian and Ms. Wang Yiming in rehearsal

Special thanks to Zhi Yin Tang for providing the rehearsal venue.


Ms. Zhang Zhuo in rehearsal




The conductor Mr. Zhu Weidong in rehearsal

Special thanks to the fans of The Poem For You who came and supported the rehearsal at Zhi Yin Tang. It was this effort which ensured the performance of December 28th went smoothly. Special thanks to Mr. Zhu Weidong, Host of China National Radio, as recital tutor.