On December 12th, 2013, The Poem For You and its poetry lovers, located the poetry slam scene at Museum of Finance. They performed for the professional of financial industry who attended the event on that day.


The poetry piece recited were selected works of Khalil Gibran, Edith Irene Södergran. Each piece was paired with a unique soundtrack.

Recitalists on stange Mr. Sun Gang, Mr. Mu Qin, Ms. Sha Xiaoru, Ms. Liu Fang, Ms. Gui Fan, Ms. Li Qi joined the recitalis Mr. Jian He and Mr. Bi Zhifei who sat among the audience, performed the piece. The poetry reciting constructed an interactive parameter between the performers on stage and the audiences. All is welcome in the world of poetry.


Special thanks to the community of fans of The Poem For You and Museum of Finance.