The Poem For You seeks to stimulate, foster and promote public interest in poetry, in the hope to encourage Chinese people to reconnect with their inner selves and reassess what is truly valuable in life, through poetry events and media platforms.

In a society becoming increasingly dependent on material objects to dictate worth, The Poem For You gives our broad range of followers an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of life.

Popularization of Poetry


Just like our inspirational recitalists, we hope people will embrace the spirit and fine art of poetry. We strive to revive the image of poetry, so it becomes a lifestyle available to everyone. Poetry should be enjoyed by all walks of life and not limited to academia.

Integration with other art forms


By integrating poetry with music, dance and fine arts, The Poem For You hopes to make poetry more accessible and approachable. Providing an alternative art form will help listeners relate and appreciate poetry pieces.



Encourage cultural diversity


The Poem For You hopes to educate its followers with an insight into both classical and contemporary Chinese poetry as well as celebrated international pieces. We execute this through international recitalists and global events. Consequentially, we aim to construct a cultural dialogue between China and other nations.


Poetry allows individuals to reflect on their own heritage, other culture’s traditions and ultimately, on themselves. We hope to contribute another dimension to the community’s livelihood in China’s fast paced and consumer driven society.