Annually, we select a theme to inspire our poetry choices.

This year we have selected “Thus They Listen” by Marina Tsevestavea, whose work is considered among some of the greatest in twentieth century Russian literature.

The words “Thus They Listen” reflect our distribution method though our media platforms, where by we provide a recording of a stimulating poem read by an inspirational figure, for our followers to listen in on.  The selected theme demonstrates the emphasis on “listening”, insofar as reconnecting the soul with nature, dreams and pleasure.  In a life adulterated by so many “voices”, it is easy to lose touch with the dialogue most important to us; the voice of our loved ones and most importantly, our own voice. It is only when we stop to listen to our inner discourse, are we able to properly assess the hum of our surroundings. Our WeChat platform delivers a quiet opportunity to listen and focus on a “voice” through our daily recordings. At this time the quiescence of a single input provides time to reflect within ourselves and re-collaborate the importance of various “voices” in daily life.